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Fotona Laser Platform Systems

We chose to work with Fotona Lasers, because, in our opinon, they are simply the Best Lasers in the World..

Fotona medical laser systems utilise three complimentary laser wavelengths, each of which has different effects on human tissue. These are: Er:YAG, Nd:YAG and KTP Nd:YAG.
  • Er:YAG (infrared, 2940 nm
The Er:YAG laser has the highest absorption in tissue because of its high affinity for water and it is, therefore, perfectly suited for precise tissue ablation.
In laser dentistry the Er:YAG laser is recognized as the laser of choice for hard tissue applications, allowing cold optical drilling in enamel, dentin, bone and composite fillings, without heating the surrounding tissue
In aesthetics and dermatology this laser source is recognized as a golden standard for laser surgery and skin resurfacing, allowing extremely precise, micron layer-by-layer ablation of the epidermis.


  • Nd:YAG (infrared, 1064 nm)
The Nd:YAG laser shows the most homogeneous absorption in tissue, making it the ideal laser source for surgical cutting, disinfection and treatments of deeper-seated tissue structures.
In laser dentistry its homogeneous absorption results in extremely precise and fine tissue vaporization with simultaneous sterilization and coagulation, while its high peak powers provide excellent disinfection properties.
In aesthetics and dermatology this laser source can be applied to thermally and selectively affect even the deepest skin structures such as deep-lying veins and hair follicles.
  • KTP Nd:YAG (green, 532 nm
The KTP Nd:YAG laser has a high affinity for oxyhaemoglobin and melanin for selective photothermolysis
This laser source is the perfect choice to treat superficial vascular lesions, unsightly fine veins and a wide range of pigmented lesions.
Laser wavelength and absorbtion
VSP Technology: Precision, Safety and Power

Fotona Laser VSP profile

As a result of Fotona’s proprietary VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology, the precision and safety of laser treatments can be pushed to new dimensions. This advanced technology allows the practitioner to precisely control the laser pulse duration and its field of influence, according to the needs of the specific application, at the simple touch of the touch-screen control panel.
VSP-technology’s square-shaped pulses avoid the slow rise of laser pulse power and the even longer fall in pulse energy, which is so commonly found in less-advanced light-based technology platforms.
Slow rises and long falls in laser pulse power deliver unnecessary laser energy to the skin, which is converted to heat in an uncontrolled way, thus increasing the risk of unwanted side effects and reducing t
he efficacy of the treatment. Conversely, the various VSP-technology modes enable you to easily and precisely treat different tissues with unmatched efficacy, without heating surrounding tissue.
Energy Feedback Control (EFC) Technology

By means of digital online energy regulation, the energy of each pulse is actively forced to match the selected energy settings while the laser is in operation. This avoids uncontrolled loss of energy inherent in less advanced laser technology platforms and ensures efficient and effective operation every time the system is used.
EFC technology provides levels of safety and confidence in the Fotona system's abilities, unmatched by any other laser system on the market today. In addition, with EFC technology, Fotona laser systems do not require tedious and inconvenient manual calibration procedures each time the system is switched on.
Fotona Laser System Platforms: Versatility and Upgradeability.

Fotona's innovative laser system platforms allow practitioners to combine two effective treatment lasers in one system, or acquire them individually. Fotona has a wide selection of high quality, highest performance, systems to suit each particular practitioners needs. When additional applications are required, an upgrade with optimise each practice's range of treatment services.

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