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Beehive Solutions' weekend Ultrasound Service partnership with West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

Beehive Solutions worked in conjunction with The West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust throughout 2014 to provide a weekend Vascular & General-Abdominal Ultrasound service for in-Patients and A&E referrals.

The service, based with in the West Middlesex University Hospital's main Imaging Department, is designed to reduce examination waiting times and speed up diagnosis, by performing ultrasound scans on Saturdays and Sundays instead of adding patients as emergency additions to the routine Monday lists.

This allows for more immediate treatment where required, avoids a hospital stay for those that do not require it and generally allows improved management of the Patient

West Middlesex University Hospital entrance

Beehive Solutions manages a team of highly experienced Sonographers, to provide the service each weekend, each of whom is fully qualified and routinely working within the NHS.

Ultrasound Scans are provided for A&E referrals, particularly suspected DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) patients, together with In-Patient referrals. Administration, Nursing and Portering services are provided by the Trust; and we are grateful to Annette Funai, the Imaging Manger, and her team, for the outstanding level of support provided.


The service is presently on trial to assess its acceptance to Trust staff and patients and the economic benefit provided.


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