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Compleet Aesthetics


Compleet Aesthetics vascular ultrasound Service

Beehive Solutions is now working in partnership with Compleet Aesthetics in Alton, Hampshire.

Compleet Aesthetics recently purchased a Fotona XP Sepctro through Beehive Solutions with one of the applications of the laser being laser thread vein treatment. A high proportion of thread veins have an underlying venous cause or actual visible varicose veins.
Whilst many clinics up and down the country and world-wide will just treat these patients Compleet Aesthetics want to offer their patients the very best of service so have taken up the option of Beehive Solutions managed ultrasound service.

Compleet Aesthetics in Alton

With this service all thread vein patients prior to treatment can undergo an ultrasound investigation to asses the venous system. From this a detailed report is passed to Compleet Aesthetics with recommendations for the best possible treatment.
The patient can then go ahead with the thread vein treatment at Compleet Aesthetics or maybe better referred to a Beehive Solutions partnered clinic where the underlying cause can be treated first.
Many thousand of pounds are spent wasted on thread vein treatment without the true cause of the thread veins established.
Beehive solutions are registered with the UK Care Quality Commission to be able to provide diagnostic ultrasound investigations throughout the UK and have tailor made a plan to suit Compleet Aesthetics.


To find out more about this service and the costs involved please either contact Beehive Solutions or Compleet Aesthetics.

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