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Fotona, SP Dynamis Laser Generator Purchase

The Fotona SP Dynamis Laser Generator is the latest of a new breed of laser from Fotona packed full of safety features and possible money spinning applications. The SP Dynamis utilises an Nd:Yag and a Er:Yag high laser on one user friendly platform. The SP Dynamis is a must for any cosmetic or aesthetic practice with its state of the art Ant-aging treatments from full field and fractional scanning to laser assisted lipolysis. The applications of the Fotona SP Dynamis are immense are cover key treatments such as:
  • Lase Hair removal
  • Dermatology applications like verrucae and fungal nail 
  • Lase peels
  • Fine line and Wrinkles
  • Skin rejuvenation and tightening
  • Laser assisted lipolysis and hyperhydrosis
  • Vascular applications such as EVL and thread vein removal

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