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'General' Ultrasound Managed Services, inc' Small Parts and MSK.

For too long now, General Abdominal Ultrasound, together with such highly skilled elements as Small Parts ultrasound and Musculo-Skeletal ultrasound, have been considered an open hunting ground for all; with a range of qualified, partially qualified and totally un-qualified practitioners performing scans. As a result, quality and consistency of results have diminished and few Practitioner's come close to maximising the information available form today's modern scanners. 

Beehive Healthcare Solutions bespoke Ultrasound services allow us to provide specific solutions to any aspect of General ultrasound, whether its Abdomial scans, Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound, Small Parts Imaging or a combination of them all.

Hospitals and clinics across the UK are discovering the benefits of out-sourcing thier General Ultrasound lists to Beehive Healthcare Solutions; a company with the experience, skills and manpower to provide a fist class service, at a cost effective price.

Whether you require clinic staffing, equipment provision, appointment mangement or a combination of all; Beehive Healthcare Solutions will tailor make a package to fit around you and your demands, and our commitment to excellence will ensure that the service provided more than meets expectations.

Beehive Healthcare Solutions Managed Ultrasound Service means the client will benefit by:

  • High clinical standards
  • Reduced risk to patients
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Rapid diagnosis and reporting
  • Guarantee to meet targets
  • Guarantee of services
  • Reduced service costs
  • Tailor made packages

Running mixed list sessions?

It is also possible to combine the General Ultrasound Managed Service with our Obstetric, Gynae or vascular, Managed Service options.


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