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Ultrasound Managed Services


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Beehive Healthcare Solutions, a trading name of Beehive Solutions Ltd, is a provider of Out-sourced Managed Ultrasound Service options to Hospitals and Health Clinics with in the United Kingdom, and has been delivering high quality staffing and healthcare solutions to the NHS, GP's and the Independent Healthcare sector for more than 10 years.

Beehive Healthcare Solutions Managed Ultrasound Services, offer clients the opportunity to outsource all or part of their Medical ultrasound provision. We are currently providing Ultrasound services as client partners to several NHS Trusts, offering a cost effective, high quality, solution to help fulfil the Trusts need to provide an integrated Ultrasound service. (Read about our current activity)

As your Managed Ultrasound Service provider, we work as yuor integral partner; allowing You to keep absolute control on the work performed, whilst passing on the clinical indemnity risk to ourselves. Quite literally, a Managed Ultrasound Service means that we take on what ever aspect of the ultrasound services you, the Client, need our support in; for as long as you require.

  • We won't tie you in to extended contract lengths;
  • We won't over charge for the work performed;
  • But, we WILL guarantee both the volume of work performed and the quality of our results.

To support us, we have access to the largest selection of Sonographers in the UK, via our ties with one of the UK's leading employment agencies, Sonographers Medical. This unique relationship also allows us access to a great talent pool of other Healthcare Professionals.

Beehive Healthcare Solutions are the right company, with the right skills, at the right price, to provide the Managed Ultrasound service you need to improve patient care and fulfil your responsibilities in as effective and efficient manner as possible.

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Alongside our Healthcare Services, Beehive Medical Solutions provides a range of medical supplies & medical consumables together with a range Medical Lasers and other Aesthetic equipment. Visit our catalog site



Beehive Healthcare Solutions is registered with the Care Quality Commission; to provide "Diagnostic and Screening Procedures".  

Find out more about our registration with the Care Quality Commission.

Beehive Solutions is also a signitory of the Social Care Commitment, committing us to offer the highest quality service to all, and providing suitable training to our staff and contractors.


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