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Gynaecological Ultrasound Service

Trans-abdominal & Trans-vaginal scans

Usually, we find Gynaecological Ultrasound 'added on' to General Ultrasound or Obstetric Ultrasound case lists, with no dedicated attention and a complete lack of sector specific experience.

We are proud to be able to offer a dedicated Gynaecology Ultrasound managed service to both the NHS and private healthcare establishments, to compliment our other Managed Service options.

Beehive Healthcare Solutions draws on 30 years of experience of Ultrasound of the female pelvis, to provide a quality of service that you can trust, supported by our multi-million pound Clinical Indemnity insurance scheme.Trans-abdominal Pelvic Ultrasound scan

Beehive Healthcare Solutions offers:

  •    Full-time managed service
  •    Part-time managed service
  •    Private hospital or Clinic service
  •    Fertility managed service

Whether restricted to Gynaecology cases, or consisting of a broader case-mix, Beehive Healthcare Solutions will tailor-make an Ultrasound Service package to fit around you and your demands, and our commitment to excellence will ensure that the service provided more than meets expectations.

Beehive Healthcare Solutions Managed Ultrasound Service means you will benefit by:

  •    Highest clinical standards
  •    Reduced risk to patients
  •    Reduced waiting times
  •    Rapid diagnosis and Reporting
  •    Guarantee to meet targets
  •    Guarantee of services
  •    Reduced service costs
  •    Tailor made packages

And, not to forget, there is always the option of combining our Gynaecological Ultrasound Managed Service, with any of our other sector-specific Ultrasound Services, for instance on Small-Parts scanning service.


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