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Current Contracts

Current and recent managed service contracts

Current contracts

Our contracts care of varied legnths; in some cases we have been providing services for a single client for several years, in other cases we arehired to provide services for a single week. And, of course, everything in between.

In many cases our work is undertaken in the name of the client, so as far as the patient is concerned the Cient is themselves providing the Ultraosund service. In thee cases our role is annonymous and even the feedback forms are printed in the name of the client. 

As a result, we do not publish details of all our activities -only those whwere we have the clients express permission. Some of these are detailed below


Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust sign

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust


Beehive Healthcare Solutions has been providing a Managed Service in Vascular Ultrasound, working in partnership with what was formally known as Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and is now Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, since February 2010.

We have a dedicated team of Vascular Scientists and Vascular Sonographers on site providing a complete Vascular ultrasound service for the Trust, fully integrated into the other Trust activities and Departments.

Read more information on our Frimley Health' service


South East Essex CCG's

Beehive Healthcare Solutions is a provider of NOUS (Non-Obstetric Ultrasoudn Services) to the NHS Southend CCG and the Castle Point & Rochford CCG, offering Ultrasound services to all of the GP practices across the South East Essex region.

Operating in GP surgeries across the area, we provide a full service; from receipt of request forms, through patient contact & arranging a suitable appointment, performance of the examination & sending the examination report to the referring GP, and ultimately storage of the Ultrasound Images and Examination Report on our secure server.

Providing Ultrasound services in the community in this manner, has immense benefit for the patient; who does not have to wait for availability at the local hospital, and can instead receive their investigation in a local surgery - often their own surgery - with results returned to the referring GP the same day, or day after.

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