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MSK Ultrasound

Musculo-Skeletal Scanning

Musculo-Skeletal issues together with 'Lumps & Bumps'

MSK Ultrasound is one of the broadest and most intricate sectors of Ultrasound scanning, requiring a high competency level with extensive experience and very high-resolution ultrasound equipment.

Clinical evidence supports using ultrasound as the first diagnostic test for numerous musculo-skeletal conditions; offering a number of important advantages compared to computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), in terms of safety and effectiveness. Diagnostic ultrasound is non-invasive and offers real-time imaging, allowing for examinations of structures at rest and in motion. This ability to capture the movement of musculo-skeletal components differentiates it from other imaging modalities and can permit more accurate diagnoses.

MSK Shoulder Ultrasound


Typical uses of Ultrasound in the field include to help diagnose and differentiate:

  • tendon tears, or tendinitis, eg; in injury to the rotator cuff or Achilles tendon.
  • muscle tears, masses or fluid collections.
  • ligament sprains or tears.
  • inflammation or effusions within the bursae & joints.
  • early changes of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • nerve entrapment .
  • benign and malignant soft tissue tumours.
  • ganglion cysts.
  • hernias.
  • foreign bodies in the soft tissues, such as splinters or glass.


Unfortunately, many Sonographers and Radiologists are perfectly willing to 'have a stab' at MSK scanning, taking a learn-as-they-scan approach to their professional development, producing examination reports that can, at best, be overly simplistic - describing the appearances rather than identifying potential diagnosis, and, at worst, be completely inaccurate - either missing pathology, describing normal variants as suspicious or subconsciously interpreting the ultrasound appearances to match the referrers' provisional suspicions.

At Beehive Healthcare Solutions we ensure our Sonographers are fully competent in any and every ultrasound examination type they perform, to ensure you receive and accurate and comprehensive examination reports that you can confidently use to choose on further patient management.

Our Scanning staff will have recent and substantial NHS experience in MSK scanning. In most cases they will be concurrently performing MSK scanning in an acute Trust. 


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